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Payment for Products 

Products and Prices

Payment Options

Products and Prices

We offers hard copies of reprints and journals of published articles for sale. The prices/charges are as follows:

Publication Charges

  1. Fast track - US$200.00
  2. Normal track - US$100.00


  1. Africa -- US $ 15
  2. Rest of the world -- US $ 20 each

Journal Subscription

Internet Access --- Free

Hard Copies (including postage per volume of 3 issues)


Personal -- US $ 500 per annum or N 65,000
Institution -- US $ 900 per annum or N100,000

Rest of the World

Personal -- US $ 500 per annum or US $ 900
Institution -- US $ 900 per annum or  US $ 1200

Single Issue

Personal -- N 12,000 (Nigeria) or US $ 120 (Rest of the world)
Institution -- N 18,000 or US $ 180


Payment Options

1.  Online Payment using Credit/Debit Cards

Online payment using credit or debit card can be made to our NAIRA CHECKOUT or US DOLLARS CHECKOUT account. Payment with Naira is only for Nigerian authors residing within Nigeria. Other authors should make their payment using the US dolars. The supplementary payment option should be used only as directed by the editorial office.

Refund Policy: Refund of payment is not applicable on account of delay in publication in article. However, refund of payment may be made (1) if the product for which payment has been made is not delivered, and (2) a notice of non-delivery of product purchased is made to us at least thirty (30) days before request for refund is made. Products here include manuscripts for publication and published articles while delivery include 'publication of article'. For any refund, you will first contact us directly; kindly allow at least two weeks for investigation.

Withdrawal of credit card payments for products delivered will attract appropriate legal action.

2.  Western Union Money Transfer

There is no additional charge for this option. The payment should be made after contacting the Editorial Office or any other electronic money transfer facility available in your country. ENSURE you send the scanned transaction document showing the name of sender, test question and answer, MTCN, country of remittance etc, as an email attachment to the Editorial Office. You must also log the payment information into OUR PAYMENT DATABASE

3.  Transfer through your Bank

For this option, you should contact the Editorial Office and ensure that you pay all your local bank charges for the transfer. In addition, you should add additional US$30 to the amount stated above to cover our intermediary bank charges. After making the payment, you must log the payment information into OUR PAYMENT DATABASE. The details for this mode of payment are as follows:

4. Payment by Bank Draft

Please contact the Editorial Office first to work out the modalities which often vary according to country.

5. Payment Within Nigeria (For Nigerians only)

For Nigerians, the amount to be paid is usually communicated to the corresponding author. Such payment should be made in Naira at NAIRA CHECKOUT.

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